Astrophotography workshop at Stargate observatory, Sariska

(1night 2 days)

Work with best in class equipment

The beauty, grandeur and mysteries of the night sky have fascinated us since the beginning of humanity. A look at the star-studded sky or the river-like band of Milkyway spanning from horizon to horizon can indeed give goose bumps of excitement to anyone. These views have unfortunately become a rare sight and are no more a part of our lives as we are always surrounded by a polluted environment. Nevertheless, the idea of a star-studded sky and mysteries of the cosmos fill our mind with excitement. Astrophotography workshop not only provides an opportunity to witness the normally unseen dark star-filled skies but also to preserve these enchanting memories in the form of images.

Astrophotography workshop by Mars Education and Stargate observatory is India’s only workshop where students not only visit a observatory, but also use professional class telescopes and astrophotography cameras to shoot high resolution professional quality images. 

Sariska National part has the one of the best skies within 200km from Delhi-NCR. Its also home to the second Stargate observatory. Stargate observatories are India’s first private observatory chain. Its also India’s first observatory which is open for school students to do visual observation of planets, moon, galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. Stargate observatory is equipped with a 11 inch hyperstar imaging system with a Nikon d810a camera which is best equipment in its class.


  • Astrophotography at observatory

  • Shooting galaxies, nebulae and star clusters

  • Concepts of photography

  • Equipment’s used for astrophotography and its working

  • Techniques of astrophotography

  • Learning from world renounced award winning astrophotographers

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