Stargate™ Observatories

The Stargate™ chain of observatories are your windows to the heavens. Located strategically at places which are easily accessible and yet have the luxury of dark skies, each of these observatories have a state-of-the-art telescope that will let you peer into deep space. Whether its the moon or the Orion Nebula, you can get a good look at them to your heart's content. With two functioning observatories and a host of new ones at various stages of setting up, Stargate™ Observatories will soon be accessible to everyone everywhere.

And for those who cannot get to one of our observatories, we bring the observatory to you. Experience the cosmos from your backyard. Our mobile observatories are temporary setups where our telescopes are mounted in condominiums, malls and private spaces. Check out the pages below for more information.